Friday, 12 August 2011

Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses

This is a 10/10. I recommend it to anyone. Apart from maybe young children as it is a 15 certificate and there is quite a large amount of rude comedy and a bit of partial nudity in there. (So not one for Macy and Edie, Unc D).

But it is hilarious, interesting (with twists), very entertaining and very sexy. I've rarely known myself to laugh so much in the cinema, all the characters are very, very funny and the fact that it's three people trying to kill 3 bosses makes it better than it would have been had it just been about 1 person in my opinion.

Whether you are into romantic comedy's or more action- packed comedies like 'The Hangover' this should be up your street either way. However, there is no romance but what I mean is there is the style of comedy you find in a rom- com such as 'The Bounty Hunter' or 'Meet the Parents' as well as the style you would find in films like 'The Hangover' and 'Superbad'.

I think also it was refreshing to watch a film that didn't revolve around romance, as 98% of films do. Even 'Vacancy' has got romance in it and that's the scariest film I've seen.

It has got everything you'd want from a film and is a simply a great watch.

This is a must see!

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