Wednesday, 27 July 2011



I went to watch this at the cinema when it was out and thought it was OK. Then I watched it on Sky Movies on Saturday night and thought it was really good.

Maybe that's because I understood it more clearly, as it is quite hard to completely follow the first time. I would recommend you watch this film twice, unless you hate it first time round of course, but I don't think you would if you like action and/or thriller films.

It has action, suspense and so many twists and turns which make it a very good film and very entertaining. Angelina Jolie plays the character very well and there aren't really any annoying characters either, so it's held back by that like 'Quantum of Solace' is, with the annoying villain.

I think if it has a weakness, it's that it's got a bit of romance missing from it. It doesn't feel as 'human' as other films like it and while it doesn't lack action or entertainment, it could just do with a bit more romance and a more conclusive ending to complete it.

I'd give 'Salt' an 8/10 and would recommend it as a good 'Saturday night film' to anyone. Even if you're not a big fan of action films, I would still recommend it as it's different to most other action films as it's more twists and turns and chases rather than gun- fights and explosives. Plus, the main character is played by a woman which probably makes it more enjoyable for for those of the female gender that usually dislike action films.

Overall, a very good film worth watching and it's great entertainment if you're in the mood for a night in front of the telly box.

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