Friday, 15 July 2011

Bad Teacher

I'm not actually that sure what made me want to see this film, as I hadn't even seen the trailer before I decided to go. Just one of those 20 second previews on TV. But anyway, I went and was disappointed.

It gets better as it goes along but the story doesn't have enough 'umpf' and the romance isn't captured very well. All of the characters are dis-likeable in their own specific way too, either being miserable and spoiled (Diaz) or ridiculously dull and unaware (Timberlake). After about 20 minutes to half an hour of watching it I was thinking that it needed a good male character to swoop in and beef the story up a bit but Justin Timberlake didn't swoop very well. His character was, as I said, dull and was generally hard to warm to.

The other bloke in it is neither here nor there really, he's a background character that we never see the motive of or his personality very well.

The main character, played by Cameron Diaz, is someone who you can't help but frown upon rather than like or sympathise with at the beginning. The film has the potential to be better than it is, it could have been made much funnier than it is with Cameron Diaz, the 'bad teacher' being more Rowan Atkinson/ Steve Martin like in being more accident prone and silly rather than distant and miserable.

Plus, we don't have it portrayed to us (the audience) why she's a teacher anyway. She hates it and doesn't need it for the money what with her super rich husband so I don't see it as realistic she would be a teacher in the first place.

Also, the motive in the film isn't funny or interesting enough. She is trying to make enough money to get a boob job to impress the guy she likes (Justin Timberlake). It's quite dull and a lot of the audience, including me, would frown upon her for being so shallow in trying so hard to get this boob job.

Overall, it seems like a dull film that hasn't had much thought put into it or much effort. It lacks humour, interest, likeable characters and a strong motive.

I wouldn't recommend this film, unless you are one of those women who like really dull 'rom-  com's' that lack the 'com' bit.

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