Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Cop Out

I would probably say this film is a 7/10. It's got the potential to be better and gets a bit complicated I think. Maybe that's because I watched it in about 5 different stints over a week though, amongst other programmes and films. Or maybe I'm just slack!

The Bruce Willis (serious cop)/ Tracy Morgan (silly, funny cop) is a good one although I think Tracy Morgan's character goes a bit over the top with the swearing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to swear words in a film, but there's a bit too much, especially of the 'MF' word.

However, on the whole I'd say this a good film and that both characters are good one's, Bruce Willis' dry whit matches well with the obvious, loud comedy style of Tracy Morgan and there is action to go with the comedy, as well as the romance side of things.

It's not in the same league as Die Hard but I'd but its in with the 'good' films category as opposed to the 'I want to see that over and over again' category. A good film, enjoyable and the mixture of action and comedy is successful.

I would warn you off it if you are over 40/50 and not a person that likes 'silly'* comedy as it is more ofa young, silly comedy action film and humour may not be a s appreciated by some older generations (such as my Mum!). I would recommend it to younger people more than anyone else, generally 13- 25's, but I think virtually anyone who enjoys action and silly comedy would like this film.

*When I say 'silly' I mean like slapstick humour, Leslie Nielsen/ Will Ferrell type comedy.

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