Saturday, 2 July 2011

A- Team

A- Team

Well, this film (premiered on sky movies- who should actually pay me for advertising them like that) is absolutely brilliant.

I, for one, found it quite hard to follow at times but when you watch this film you don't really care about that because it's just awesome. Action, cool lines, fights, gun- shots, explosions, flying tanks in the sky, it's got everything a good film needs!

Bradley Cooper plays a really cool character in 'Face', there's the guy from 'Taken' that players 'Hannibal' and then there's B.A Baracas and Murdoch who complete the team. I didn't watch the A-Team series as I'm pretty sure I didn't exist yet but I still found this film very enjoyable and I think it's one of those few films that suit all ages pretty much.

I think it's cross between 'Limitless', 'The Hangover' with a bit of James Bond thrown in there too. I think it's great. It's funny, action packed, has a good story, with cool characters and is just great fun.

I'd recommend it to anyone!

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