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Blue Bloods Series 3 Review

Blue Bloods Series 3 Review

I haven't posted an article of any kind on this blog for just under 7 months and I very much regret that. But nevertheless I'm going to try giving it another go. How I'm doing that is by branching out and reviewing series' as well as films. My first series review is Blue Bloods. I'm also going to insert video clips to support my review to give that extra bit of entertainment and context to you readers.

Now, Blue Bloods is an American cop drama set in New York City about a family of cops. Donnie Wahlberg stars as the main character: Danny Reagan, Tom Selleck plays his father: Frank Reagan and there are other members of the family in their respective police and law forces.

I started watching it towards the end of series 1 and am now currently watching series 3 on TV, of which I have watched the first 5 or 6 episodes. I've always enjoyed the programme so far; it's warm, entertaining with generally interesting stories and it's different to most other cop shows as it's more revolved around a family of cops* rather than just a random group of cops just running around shooting bad guys without much background to it.

However, of late, despite it's success so far, I've found the first few episodes of this series not entertaining enough at times and quite repetitive. Maybe it is just a case of it needing to be freshened up, even good things need change and advancement. My main problem with it is that there isn't really a constant storyline, it's mainly just individual episodes and I think that takes away a lot of suspense and intrigue. If you compare it to something like '24' or 'FlashForward' it just comes up short and a lot less exhilarating because every episode of those shows ends on some form of cliffhanger and there's a constant theme and storyline running throughout the whole series that gets you very interested and eager to find out what happens next.

That's what Blue Bloods needs. It needs a constant storyline, even if it's not always centre stage and sometimes they do have odd episodes where that storyline disappears for a week. That's how you get viewers excited and intrigued and make it so that they can't wait to watch next week's episode. At the moment it's too relaxed and laid back, and frankly, repetitive.

It's still a show that's enjoyable and has had at least 1 and a half good series so far (baring in mind I haven't seen half of series 1) so maybe it's just going through a sticky patch or maybe my standards have just been dramatically raised by my recent obsession with '24'. But I do think it needs to improve again and the story lines need to become better, as they're getting a little dull. There's not enough dilemma, conflict or crisis'. That's what you need to make a drama good- drama. That means plenty of twists and turns and problems with dramatic, action- packed solutions and general occurrences.

The promo video at the top of the article looks good doesn't it? That's basically showing one episode which was very good, very entertaining but apart from that I've found some episodes a bit too repetitive and not as action- packed as that one. It needs to be more consistent, some of the individual stories aren't good enough at the moment and the stories need to be linked for me, otherwise it's just some casual show that doesn't have any 'umph' (to use a technical term) or enough intrigue.

*Don't you think 'cops' sounds so much better than 'police'? I feel American writing this but I can't help it- 'cops' sounds cool, 'police' sounds boring, it's got such a negative connotation.

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