Saturday, 21 July 2012

Cowboys and Aliens

Cowboys and Aliens

The clue is the in title: this isn't an ordinary film! It's quite bizarre, but in a pretty good way! It's basically set far in the past, in cowboy country of America, where a load of aliens turn up and capture a lot of people. It turns into war between cowboys and aliens, led by Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.

The story is revolved around Daniel Craig's character, a tough guy who has awoken on the desert ground not knowing who he is or how he got where he is. He also wakes up with a metal device attached to his wrist, which shoots out powerful shocks at people. He then battles off invading aliens with fellow cowboy hardman Harrison Ford, whilst romancing with Olivia Wilde.

I think it's pretty good, it certianly doesn't lack in action, imagination or intrigue. It's wierd and different, which is good. I was talking to someone recently who was of the belief that all films are the same and just the actors change. Basically, his point was that all comedies are the same, all action films are the same and so on. You certianly can't say that about this film though, there's not exactly many films that involve a battle in the desert between cowboys and aliens.

It mixes fantasy, science- fiction and action well with some good acting performances and an intriguing storyline. It's not one of the best films ever, I think it could with being made a bit more chilling with some more nail- biting moments and it being set in the dark more. Basically, it could do with some more tension and suspense where you really get hooked into the television and can't take your eyes off the TV. It doesn't have enough 'heart in your mouth' moments. It just needs a little bit more umph (technical term) and chilling suspense to make the film a little scarier and more exciting.

But overall, it's certainly worth a watch, particularly if you like impersonating western cowboy accents. It's got a lot of positives and I'd recommend this film, probably more to male viewers as I don't think too many females would like it, unless you're won over by the fact that Daniel Craig's in it. I think it's more of a man's film overall, but that's just a generalisation and I'm not saying it isn't suitable or enjoyable for you gals out there.

Just bloody watch it!

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