Thursday, 29 December 2011

Mission Impossible 2

Mission Impossible 2

I watched Mission Impossible 3 first, then a year or so later I watch Mission Impossible 1 and now tonight I watched Mission Impossible 2. My order of watching those films was almost as wierd as the excessive use of slow motion in this film.

What's with that? I like the occassional use of slow- mo but come on, it's used a tad too much here. Despite that the film is a good one. It has action, it's cool and it's entertaining. Tom Cruise is really cool in the film, a.k.a 'Ethan Hunt', as is his accomplice.

It starts off well, tails of a bit but from about 55 minutes onwards it's non- stop action and a very good watch for action film lovers, with unpredictable twists and turns as well as plenty of thrills involving gun- fights, car chases, fire and explosions that make it an irresitable movie.

It does confuse me a bit, but then again almost every film does! I found the details hard to follow but I suppose it would be boring if it was easy to follow and too predictable. I quite like the complexity as it keeps me thinking as I enjoy the action.

Overall, I'd rate this as a 7/10. I'd still say the third is the best by far out of the first 3 but that's because it's awesome, not because the other two aren't good. It's just great for action movie lovers and it's got every thing you could ask for from an action movie.

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