Friday, 20 September 2013

Social Network

The Social Network

This is a very unique film containing wit, intelligence and a fascinating insight into a true story. It tells the story of how Facebook came to be invented and stars Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake.

It's hard to describe the genre because it's so different to other films. The character's exchanging of dialogue is very good to watch and the story is actually inspiring. It makes you think and try to come up with your own billion pound idea, whilst making you fascinated about how this seemingly simple idea made someone a billionaire.

I found it made me think Mark Zuckerberg (played by Eisenberg) is a bit of a pratt. Not that he'll care, sitting on his huge pile of money, but it's interesting how this film portrays the "inventor" of Facebook. It shows he had had help in the idea and offers a very interesting insight into what happened behind the scenes in terms of his crumbling relationship with his best friend at Harvard, Eduardo Savarin (Garfield) and how Timberlake's character upsets their apple cart during a tug of war relating to how the rights of ownership and stakes of Facebook are split.

I've never really been interested in business or law but this film interests the hell out of me in that department. So don't be put off it if you think that aspect of it will make the film boring. It really doesn't, it is so intriguing and clever and the switches in time during the film add to the intrigue.

It's an interesting element to a film as usually you are wondering what's going to happen whereas this film actually tells you what's going to happen with certain aspects of the storyline before flashing back in time to continue the sequence of events to show HOW that is going to happen. For instance, showing Eduardo suing Zuckerberg for a scene before flashing back to continue the storyline that shows how this happens. This is whilst also showing other storylines, of which the events aren't as clear. So it's not always a question of "what" is going to happen, more "how" it is gong to happen. That's only the case with some of the plot though, not all of it so that it gives too much away.

It's additionally interesting to see why he created Facebook and what led him to doing so; a girl breaking up with him and him acting like a bitter moron about it.

It's a fascinating, cool tale. "Cool" is a very appropriate word for the film actually, it's great at showing the tale to be on the one hand, a tale of tested friendship and a business and economical fight but also somehow making it cool and, at times, glamorous.


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