Monday, 22 July 2013

Premier League Years 2004/05

Premier League Years 2004/05

OK, this is not a film but I have been watching it over the last couple of days and feel compelled to review it. I've always thought Sky Sports have obsessed over Man Utd way too much in their annual Premier League Years show- a review of the Premier League season spread over 2 hours.

But they reached new heights with this one, obsessing this time over Chelsea to ridiculous heights. They show virtually every Chelsea fixture. Not only that, they often show highlights of the game, more build up and more goals than for more interesting, entertaining fixtures such as Crystal Palace 3-3 Norwich, Southampton 4-3 Norwich, Portsmouth 4-1 Southampton, Tottenham 4-5 Arsenal and Crystal Palace 2-2 Southampton.

They also pretty much ignore Everton's terrific achievement of, against the odds, finishing 4th (above Liverpool- who they show twice as much of). We all love a good underdog story and seeing different teams' achievements rather than way too much showing of the title race, which wasn't even very interesting anyway that season. There's loads of showing of Chelsea and very little of Everton, including their win against Newcastle which sealed Champions League qualification. Not only was it a dramatic race for 4th, but it was a dramatic race for 4th between two bitter rivals from the same city. It's like an ongoing derby throughout the season, Everton and Liverpool tussling it out for 4th... and Sky ignore it on PL Years.

It's good to watch if you're a Chelsea or West Brom fan but otherwise it's pretty poor. What sums it up is them showing 3 of Tottenham's goals and yet only 2 of ours from the 5-4 derby win at White Hart Lane.

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