Saturday, 1 June 2013

Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher

Don't you just love those bone chilling moments in films? Dramatic, eerie music is being played, the volume of it rising gradually for more dramatic effect and the character is revealing some great conspiratorial theory of his and flashing images are being shown of an exciting incident. It doesn't half get you hooked and intrigued. The suspense is mounting and you can't wait for the climax of it.

That's what Jack Reacher provides. It is definitely thrilling and intriguing. There's nothing I like more than a mystery, or a conspiracy. It's exciting and very suspenseful. Jack Reacher also combines this with a load of action, a bit of comedy and charismatic characters. Rosamund Pike is one of my favourite actresses, she's very good in this movie and Tom Cruise is obviously very successful for a reason- he's a great, charismatic character who plays lead action roles superbly.

The combination of action with suspense and mystery in this film is the main reason it' so good. The ending is great. That's one of the most important parts of a film- even if the rest of the film's awesome but the ending's terrible it disappoints so much, but this movie's ending doesn't disappoint at all, it's got some great action and some unorthodox stunts. Guns, a fist fight, a dramatic shooting of the bad guy, car stunts... what more do you want?

It's an 8 out of 10. If there's a weakness with it, it's that it's probably a bit too long. I don't like films to be more than an hour and 50 minutes generally. After that I'm ready to get up and do something else (even if the film's awesome). And this could be trimmed down a bit so it's less than the 2 hours that it is. But that's being a bit picky, overall it's great.

Watch it, it's a great Saturday night movie. Good old action with charisma and style.

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