Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Which is the best X-Men film?

                                                    Which is the best X-Men film?

I watched the trilogy of X-Men films last week and all three are very enjoyable. I'm enjoying my long-awaited break from university work so have had the time to indulge in some more film reviewing. Something which I haven't had much chance of doing over recent months.

X-Men 3 is probably the most dramatic, X-Men 2 is probably the best in terms of complexity but for me the first one is the best. I enjoy watching relationships grow, it's quite an effective and subtle quality of a film. In X-Men you can see Logan/ Wolverine's adaptation from violent underworld to heroic, save the day group of mutant mentors to junior mutants. You also see his relationship with Rogue grow into one of a father figure helping out a girl struggling to find her way in life as a mutant.

There's the unique relationship of the main villain, Magneto, and the head of the heroes, Charles Xavier. They're friends but enemies and this adds an intriguing dynamic to the plot. Then there's the romance between Wolverine and Jean Grey and it's enjoyable that around all this action and the conflicts between humans and mutants to see relationships develop. I think the first film is the setting up of the dramatics of the next two films, but also providing the best action and characters.

The third is more dramatic and has a more epic fight scene at the end, the climax to the mutant war. However my favourite is the first because there's more complexity and intrigue being set up.

I'd rate them as:
X-Men= 9/10
X-Men 2= 8/10
X-Men 3: The Last Stand= 7/10
I don't like how they turn Jean Grey into some uncontrollable animal with vast uncontrollable power in the third and how by the middle of the film, the only 2 remaining 'X-Men' from the first film are Wolverine and Storm. Cyclops is dead, Xavier's dead, Jean's as good as dead. Added to that Mystique is eliminated out of the film too early. It is dramatic and it is good but not as good as the others for me. The first tops the trilogy.

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