Friday, 8 June 2012



I think buying the DVD of this film on Saturday was the best £3 I'd spent in a while. Almost equal to my bus fare to Leeds, it was a terrific purchase as I really enjoyed this film. The shock factor of it, the action, the 'who will live and die' mystery, and the general storyline.

One thing I liked about it is that it gets on with it. The story isn't unnecessarily lengthened by an unneeded 45 minutes of building up tension like Jurassic Park and Jaws do. It's a good disaster film of 90 minutes where it's just virtually non- stop action and intrigue.

The characters are likeable, the storyline's good and interesting and it's just a very intruiging, edge of your seat action film. Who isn't thrilled by the sight of a giant tidal wave? I suppose you wouldn't be too thrilled if it was actually heading for you in real life, but on a TV screen, it certainly raises your eyebrows.

What it does include is a few deaths. Well, more than a few- hundreds or so die. But, a few of the main characters die. That may sound bad, but if everyone lived and it was a simple get away it would be boring. The deaths give it a shock factor and also make it realistic. The first death is pretty harsh, I won't spoil it, but it did make me dislike the old guy. Mind you, if he hadn't have done it, they'd have both died. Anyway, I'm rambling here.

Overall, it's a classic film and definately one to watch. If you're at home in the evening and looking for an hour and a half's entertainment on the TV, I suggest you go for this, because it's great action, suspense and it literally had me sat up on my bed throughout almost the whole film, rather than laying back in comfort. It was THAT intruiging.


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